Get 8 YEARS worth of SEO experience…


I was frustrated…

I was in college, I was going to class after class, nodding my head and
learning the same things as everyone else.

Then it hit me, if I wanted to stand out from the crowd when it came time
to get a job,

I had to be different.

… I had to DO THINGS that no one else was doing.

I couldn’t just sit back, relax, and expect a great job to come my way.

… so, I was blessed to meet a mentor.

He taught me what I needed to know to get the ball rolling.

That was 8 years ago now, and life hasn’t been the same since.

In that time, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to help improve the
digital marketing efforts of DOZENS of companies from multiple
Fortune 100 enterprises, to mom and pop shops, to startups! I’ve worked
in B2B, B2C, agencies, and in-house positions, helping companies in
industries like:

  • Retail
  • Software
  • Doctors
  • Real Estate
  • Media
  • Shipping

  • Electronics
  • Home Goods
  • Clothing
  • Agriculture
  • Daily Deals
  • Emerging Tech

  • Hotels
  • Golf
  • Weddings
  • Outdoors
  • Healthcare
  • Gaming

I by no means know everything there is to know about digital marketing,
but I have seen a lot and am SICK TO MY STOMACH that colleges are
still NOT training students on the skills


to be successful in marketing today.

… So …

That’s why I’ve built Cornerstone Interactive, the single most engaging, fun,
and comprehensive SEO training experience created for college professional
marketers who didn’t get enough training in college.

Are You Ready to Get Serious?

About your future business performance and personal salary? If so…

I invite you to join the next generation of SEO leaders

and start learning 8 YEARS WORTH of SEO skills today.

I’m so serious about getting you up-to-speed on SEO, that I want to give
you a free account!

Hidden inside, you’ll discover…

Why is SEO important?

Are you wondering what all this hubub is about? Well, check out this lesson to learn why SEO is crucial to business and how you can start winning today.

What is SEO?

Well, it stands for “search engine optimization,” but wow, there is so much more to it! There have literally been books written about SEO, but join today and learn a very brief rollup in this lesson!

What is a search engine?

Not exactly sure what a search engine is or how it works? Not after today! Sign up and learn about the three core parts of a search engine and how they work together.

How to BOOST rankings

Okay, now we’re getting down to it. Sign up today and you can learn my tried and true way of BOOSTing your ranking in search engines. SPOILER: 5 easy steps to success.

SEO is as easy as ACE!

I’ve decoded the entire search engine algorithm into one word: ACE. After today, you won’t think SEO is confusing at all. You will just have to remember ONE WORD: ACE!

Future-proofing your SEO

Many people shudder at the thought of yet another Google update. Why? Because they’re doing it WRONG. Stop that. Start looking forward to each update with this simple mindset.


Sign up TODAY, and you’ll also get these BONUSES:


SEO News

If you sign up for Cornerstone Interactive’s FREE account today, you’ll get access to the SEO News feed. This curated list of SEO news sources is updated daily. No longer do you have to follow 15 different sites and wonder which ones are actually good content. It’s all here!


Google Analytics Kickstart Guide

Did you know that across the dozens of websites I’ve helped perform better in digital marketing, they have an average of 10% of BAD Google Analytics data? Learn about how to clean up your data and even start collecting data today.


Top 10 Marketing Hacks

Who doesn’t love a good life hack? I’ve wrangled up 10 of the best tools, tips, and tricks I love to implement when I’m looking for a quick boost in digital marketing performance. Enjoy them today, and please let me know of your favorites too!